DANCE DISCUSSION @ Breakin’ Convention hosted by Jon Drops – June 25

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Dance Discussion

@ Breakin’ Convention

hosted by Jon Drops Reid

An open discussion about Dance, Culture and how we are changing in our movement.

Discussion will address:

  • Form – What is Hip Hop Dance? What is Hip Hop Dance in Theatre?
  • Spaces – Where are the spaces that support our movement?
  • Dancer Rights – What are the road blocks in our professional work?
  • Future Dance – Where will our movement culture going?

Equity will be there!

Join the moving discussion!


June 25th – 3PM

David Peuat Sq. 215 King St. W. – SpiegleTent

live @ the Breakin’ Convention Park Jam!

Look our for Jon Drops throughout the Breakin Convention Weekend snapping instant photos and looking for your key thoughts, issues or questions in the professional ecology. These will be used to animate these ideas into change for the betterment of Canadian dance practice.

more info here: SONY CENTRE SITE