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Jasmyn Fyffe – Rehearsal Rights

Choreographer, Dancer & Mother Shares Why Rehearsal Standards Are More than Dollars:

Video by 161 Content Studio - Dance Equity blog written by Dance Outreach Consultant Jon Reid.

Jasmyn is on the way to the shoot & we are busy setting up lighting and sound. She arrived amid a packed rehearsal day and has made time for the shoot. I am grateful she could be here to share her thoughts especially on a busy rehearsal day. I have seen her work within performing arts in unique solo works, as well as within urban community events and of course social dancing aka rocking the party! She has a depth multiple styles and quality of work few are able to achieve even in just one form.


For the Dance Equity shoot format, I asked artists to self identify a topic, but provided a list of examples for support and inspiration. When talking about which issue she wanted to address, Jasmyn said ‘either rehearsal rights or maternal care support.’ Both are meaningful items for her work in a variety of forms and capacities – as well as in her dynamic role of mother.

We spoke about the two issues, and one of the points that came out – that rehearsal rights impact planning the supports you need as a dancer and mother.  When your in studio this much, last minute changes to schedule mean finding solutions to responsibilities at home.

I don’t think asking her to choose one issue is a fair choice for a dancer of such experience but understanding both issues – she expressed a very real understanding about how one late night rehearsal request can throw off a professional dancers responsibility on stage and off.

Rehearsal rights impact so much more than simply in studio hours. It impacts lives, and our ability to create our movement proactively, not re-actively. And for so many dancers, this is the difference of being able to maintain, or having to leave a professional dance career.


We are listening, sharing and changing in response to the conversations we are having with dance artists. If you are inspired to share your story or thoughts please send us a quick message HERE.

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Thank you Jasmyn for your knowledge, time and voice.  We will be following up to expand on our discussion of maternal supports & issues and share it here for the discussion to grow.


Dance Equity Note:


When we dance, often we are pushed to our perceived limits and beyond. We enjoy exploring the limits of our bodies, mind and the creativity between.

There is a difference between pushing yourself in practice and an employer pushing you too far in the workplace.

To further empower our member artists & community, we want to support awareness of your rights in rehearsal. If you don’t have rehearsal guidelines in your contract, we can help you get a contract that does.

Below is a sharable image outlining rehearsal limits that are the national standard. This will not replace reading the contract policy front to back, but it will help you get a snap shot of what rights you should expect in the workplace during rehearsal.

Move aware dancers!