CAEA is opening up our membership to independent dance artists this summer. We are providing access to independent dancers for the first time we have reduced our membership cost from $1000 down to just $10 – just for you DANCERS!!

For 40 years Equity has served Canadian live-performing artists in their professional contracting process, with collective benefits and supports that empower our members in their careers. EQ now opens our membership to serve more dance artists in new presentation spaces, new access and with new professional artist services.

Recognizing a vital unprotected professional sector in dance was calling for respectful representation across the nation, Equity has committed to adapt our policy to support dance in a new diversity of forms & practices.

Canadian Actors’ Equity Association supports access to our membership by reducing initiation fee to $10 for independent dancers for one year. As we host community consultations and offer our new OPEN DANCE POLICY series. There are policies for short duration & multiple engagements as well as judging and competition policy – created to reflect the diversity of practice happening within the dance community, we encourage you to get to know Equity and share how we can serve your movement in new ways.

In addition to our new updated policies and member access changes, Equity is leading a dancers rights campaign to raise awareness of the professional artists in our Canadian community and the professional issues that exist within the practice. We are working together dancers to activate this awareness campaign across Canada by building conversation in live activation, online platforms and in multi-media, raising dance voices, creating new policy and advocating to make positive change in the working ecology.

Contact for membership forms & consultation if Equity is right for your professional dance career.

See OUR SERVICES section for more on the benefits and supports we have for dancers.


DANCE VOICES EP 2. Andrew ‘Pyro’ Chung #StandardRates from Equity Communications on Vimeo.


DANCE VOICES EP 3. Addy Chan #DanceChange from Equity Communications on Vimeo.


Caroline Torti – Entrepreneurs Move from Equity Communications on Vimeo.


Message from Equitys’ Executive Director

As a huge fan of all dance forms I watched dance experience a resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to the television shows which have brought a variety of styles into our living rooms. An increase in work opportunities led the independent dance community to engage in discussions about bringing professional business practices (enforceable contracts, reasonable rates, etc.) to forms of dance practice like hip-hop, krumping, and background dancing. It was at just such a discussion that I first met Jon Reid (now our dance outreach consultant) and began to think of how Equity could provide much needed protections to independent dance artists, who, like Equity members, struggling to make a decent living. Resulting from in-depth outreach to this community, Equity created the new, easy to administer, the OPEN dance policy to cover a wide variety of different dance styles and engagement forms.
In recognition of the needs of this unique community, Equity’s Council has generously reduced Equity’s regular $1,000 initiation fee to $10 for a 12 month outreach period, affording dancers whose work falls under the OPEN policy access to the benefits of membership.

Over the next year we hope to meet the many independent dancers and bring them into Equity’s membership – providing them with the representation, protections and benefits they need to have a safe and fulfilling career. We will also encourage engagers and presenters to work with Equity when they engage these new members.
— Arden R. Ryshpan, Executive Director.