DANCE VOICES EP 5. Kevin Ormsby #DanceWitDiversity from Equity Communications on Vimeo.


Video by 161 Content Studio - Dance Equity blog written by Dance Outreach Consultant Jon Reid.

Serving with Kevin Ormsby for 3 years on the Toronto Arts Councils Dance Operational Committee has given me a unique opportunity to hear the insight of this rare artist & advocate. His clarity, directness and rich understanding of the dance ecology has been fine tuned through years of creation and moving issues to mobilization.

Kevins is the Program Manager at Culural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario and is a significant resource for the movement towards respecting and representing the plurality in our creative ecology. Change is needed and to see someone so dedicated to making meaningful change for a more inclusive representation in the arts is an inspiration.

Kevins work as Artistic Director of KasheDance has taken him abroad in successful tours as well established him as a integral part of the Canadian dance ecology. I was lucky enough to see his companies presentation at the Lieutenant Governors chambers at Queens Park. The piece itself had an energy and social connection that made the audience bob their heads and groove in their chairs. A reception that had felt exclusive, full of unidentified cheeses, wine and small talk suddenly became inviting and exciting to me.

Movement programming in performing arts spaces & representation of the wide scope of forms happening in Canada is a pivotal issue for dance. There are so many forms, movement cultures & ways to present dance, but the struggle to provide diverse representation in spaces that for generations have almost exclusively shown traditional western forms of dance is an advocacy issue Kevin has been a champion of. Advocating for change & creating space for the wide depth of Canadian dance voices is a movement Equity shares with you Kevin.


Thank you Kevin for all you do for the betterment of our dance ecology and beyond. Your voice and energy is greatly appreciated. Let’s keep it moving!



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