DANCE EQUITY – Dance Voices Series Promo from Equity Communications on Vimeo.

Equity is collaborating with artists to raise awareness of issues in the dance working ecology. Together, our campaign is focused on empowering dance voices, creating public dialogue space for sharing ideas & policy that makes real change.

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Professional Dance Artists For Respectful Working Conditions

Equity Dance Advocacy Campaign

Equity is changing the way we support independent dance artists. There has been an echo of voices in the dance community who need better representation and vital issues that need to be addressed. We have taken on these obstacles and kept moving time and again, through injury, unfair contracts, late rehearsal hours, early performance times and so so much more. We continue moving, because that’s who we are.

Dancers take on much more than performance every time we dance. Equity recognizes the diversity of practice and challenges that arise from contract to contract, that is why we are adapting our policies to create the OPEN policy series reflecting the changing practices alive in the dance industry. This policy will be changed through the voices of community and with Equity solidarity and enforcability.

In addition to new policy, a national Dance Artists’ Rights Campaign is being activated. We work with artists, both Equity members, and non-Equity dancers to identify the challenges we face as dancers, and create platforms for collectively engaging in the solutions with Equity support.

Here are the values we move with guiding the DANCE EQUITY Campaign.

Dancers are professionals and deserve the right to:

  • Respect offered other professional workers

  • Fair compensation

  • Clean and safe working space

  • Health insurance coverage & protections

  • Credit, royalties and copyright protectionsClear working terms through contracts or policies

  • Harassment & discrimination free-environments

  • Proper resting periods and time off

  • Adequate space and meal coverage on tour

  • Timely & correct payment

  • Retire with dignity

  • Mobilize with fellow artist to effect change.