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Equity negotiates and administers collective agreements, provides benefit plans, employment information, support and acts as an advocate for its members. Equity supports the creative efforts of live performance artists by improving their working conditions and opportunities.

As dance has moved into new spaces and forms, so to has Equity adapted how we serve our members. Introducing new OPEN dance policy and membership access for independent dancers. By offering more ways to serve dance artists and more ways for dancers to join the association, we further a more inclusive and respectful representation of dance artists in Canada.

Announcing our new Dance Membership Eligibility Form, allowing movement artists to apply independently for eligibility, and if approved, join the association for just $10!

A strong application to join Equity will show a strong professional working history, recognition by peers & commitment to on-going work in dance.

Please note, Equity does NOT look at technique, quality or skill as a factor in assessment. Our focus is to support working dancers, whatever their style, ascetic or particular form may be.




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The OPEN, a short duration and multi-engagement dance policy, is now available for use by Equity members. It is designed to support the engagement of dance artists working in a diverse range of practices for short-duration performances and activities. Artists may also self-engage. The OPEN invites non-traditional dance artists to work under professional protections within competitive, freestyle, multidisciplinary, social, commercial, cultural and other diverse dance forms.


The OPEN may be used to engage dance artists in not-for-profit or commercial activities and provides for both individual and group engagements. Short-form agreements for Judging and Competition activities are also included.


The OPEN offers the same protections and supports that members already rely upon while taking a new approach to the calculation of minimum fees based on duration of the performance piece, the number of artists performing in each piece, the number of performance pieces in a presentation and the number of times the performance piece(s) is presented. A multi-booking incentive for Engagers planning additional presentations also applies. Review the ‘Request to Engage form’ or contact an Equity Business Representative ( for more information.


A key element of the Dance Equity rights awareness campaign, Equity Council’s offer of regular membership for a $10 initiation fee (reduced from $1,000) for bona fide professional independent dancers, is now in effect. This special offer is open to eligible dance artists seeking respectful working conditions and will be in effect for a 12-month period. This special joining opportunity will allow independent dancers access to Equity membership for the first time. As part of the outreach campaign Equity has created an online Membership Eligibility application to make application for membership as easy as possible. Please contact Jon Reid, Equity’s Dance Outreach Consultant, with any membership questions or for more information. He may be reached by email ( or by phone (416-867-9165 / TF 1-800-387-1856).






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