Shawn De Ocampo – from Equity Communications on Vimeo.

Meet Shawn de O’Campo, aka Shawn of the Moon. This dance artist is one of the leaders of style fusionĀ  with a distinctly Toronto originality ingrained in his movement. I first saw Shawn from early days more than ten years ago getting down at Yonge and Dundas Square & now I see him travelling the globe for events or filming feature films.


Few artists could personify the powerful change that has happened in dance like Shawn. With influences from countless world styles, he reinvented foundation rules of classic urban forms to find a completely unique style. His ability to connect with foundational poppers or juking pioneers, redefining use of threads with heavy body angles and levels that go top to ground, Shawn has been instrumental in inspiring new generations of dancers in Toronto to redefine style.


Shawn and his crew the Moonrunners have been essential creating space for a new generation of artists to learn as well as perform their work. Whether it has been the huge AREA 51 jams they throw or the many members constantly teaching packed classes and additionally filming new videos to blow up the internet, Shawn & his crew have made a huge impact.


Shawn describes a very real and important issue in dance – JUDGES RIGHTS. When take on the role of a Judge, it is a role of huge responsibility. Often we are asked to do a lot more than judge, or have to make choices that impact the outcomes of the event with massively different standards from event to event. A key insight Shawn drops is the understanding to ‘NOT SURPRISE YOUR JUDGES!’

Because many us practice freestyle forms, that doesn’t mean judging this form should be expected to happen in a completely freestyle unprotected, no holds bard approach. How long are they expected to judge, what are the criteria, are you feeding your judges during a full day and is there a judges performance booked – not just announced after sitting in a chair for 6 hours stiff as can be.

Take in what Shawn has to say about respecting our judges in dance. It is an important message in a shifting community that involves more and more professional competition forms. Equity has just released a judges contract form in our OPEN policy series. Take a look here.


Connect with Shawn on instagram to see his latest movements. Highly recommended because he is both talented and is hilarious.