Thomas Colford – Advocacy Moves from Equity Communications on Vimeo.


I first met Thomas at a community dance discussion. He struck me as articulate, smart and very driven to make change. Little did I know he was also an incredibly talented mover and mobilizer. Not more than 1 week after meeting Tom, I received a meeting request from him regarding a dancers rights advocacy event he was hosting called Interpose. So naturally, I said lets connect. I didn’t know what I was in store for…


To encounter Thomas for the first time in discussion, then to immediately be swept into volunteering to speak at his event, and then to see the Interpose event packed and alive with a new generation of dancers – well, quite honestly it was inspiring.  I haven’t seen such a young dancer do this much for their community with almost no budget, with no other motivations then empowering others, and to activate the vision with genuine love & energy from start to finish. It was a whirlwind of advocacy that is so rarely seen in the dance these days.


Needless to say, packing a dance studio with 75 young dancers on a Saturday night at 11pm to talk about advocacy and dance rights was pretty impressive. Little did I know what he had in store next..

Now Thomas looked to making change in some of the studios that gave his movement foundation back in Eastern Canada. He wanted to ensure the spaces that moved him growing up would continue to inspire, and these spaces were now falling into disrepair. He set a goal of raising $50,000 through a dance presentation- made for, with & by the community and its spaces that helped him growing up.

Some very respected arts organisations that have been around for decades cannot raise 50k for their capital funding projects at times. This one dancer, Thomas Colford, mobilized a community, dancers & national attention around donating, attending and supporting repairing dance space for new generations of artists.

Don’t believe me? I can barely believe the power of this guy to give back and mobilize – and I had been swept up by it before. It truly is a beautiful thing to see. To see more on his initiatives outcomes, take alook at CBC’s coverage here.


So, if anyone ever tells you that one person cannot make sweeping change for their community in dance, I will tell you, the proof that you can lives in Thomas Colford.


Follow Thomas’ movement on instagram and watch out for his next moves, cause I can only guess what he will do next, but one thing I do know, it will make change.